Ninja Mini Air Fryer Review 2023(Is it worth?)

We recently tested the Ninja AF080 Mini Air Fryer for 2 months and here is our detailed Ninja AF080 Minim Air Fryer Review. This compact air fryer is perfect for small spaces or quick cravings. Despite its size, it has a 2-quart capacity which is more than enough for cooking up to 1 lb. of French fries or 10 taquitos.

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What We loved

  • Timer – One of the things we loved about this air fryer is the quick set timer. It allows one to easily set the cooking time and let the fryer do its magic.
  • Air Circulation – The hot air circulation ensures even cooking and gives food a crispy and golden finish every time. What is great is that this can be achieved with little to no oil making our meals healthier without sacrificing taste.
  • Easy Cleaning – The nonstick coating of the fryer makes it easy to clean up after cooking. Simply wipe it down and it is ready to go for the next use.
  • Compact and Portable – The compact size of the fryer also makes it easy to store in my small kitchen without taking up too much space.

What We think can improve

  • We think the packaging can be improved by Ninja. It does feel that we are not opening a premium product.


Overall, we are satisfied with the Ninja AF080 Mini Air Fryer. It provides a fast and easy way to cook one’s favorite foods. If you are looking for a reliable air fryer that fits your small space or quick cravings, we do recommend giving this airfryer a try.


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